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Hi, Can you share some of your thoughts on the new Tao kissing scandal? Do you think its real or is it just one of SM's many tricks to get us distracted from what is actually happening with SM right now..


hey anonymous! you never fail to make me answer these type of questions that always get me into trouble! haha c:

to be perfectly honest with you, I call this scandal bullshit. just another one of sm’s stunts to lure us into forgetting that sm is actually falling apart right now. I’ve got a few conclusions to prove my theory;

  • now, this is a personal opinion but I don’t see tao as straight (I don’t go around saying this, because it will probably get me into trouble. but I felt like it was necessary for me to mention it now). this story would of been more realistic if it was a man he was kissing.
  • from my point of view, it seemed more like one of those friendly kisses that you give to your friends before saying goodbye/goodnight. It didn’t look like he was actually kissing her on the mouth, (thought its not really unnormal to not kiss your gay friend on the mouth either it can be normal in some friendships) but it seemed more like he gave her a peak on the cheek / near the lips. and the whole thing just seemed kind of sketchy to being with.. idk
  • image
  • my theory for sm to actually start this scandal: lately, there have been many pictures of taohun surfacing the internet. of tao picking up sehun, and them grabbing some late night snacks. obviously there is nothing wrong with doing that with your guy friend, but because it was taohun, a lot of people seem to think they’re an item. which gives sm the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the gossip and make tao straight. (sm always does this with their idols, either making up straight dating scandals or sends them on wgm/ smh/)
  • tao just deleted a bunch of pictures of him and sehun on instagram, saying that ‘they were ugly’ uhmmm. the pictures were perfectly fine.
  • and now with what is happening with luhan, and all the other shit sm is very bad at handling, this is the perfect time for yet another unrealistic scandal to make us focus on something else.

I know I keep calling all of the sm scandals bullshit, but that is because they literally are bullshit. they aren’t even believable to begin with. I know for a fact that at least 2 members of exo are in a relationship right now. but you don’t see any pictures or rumors about that lol.. weird. however, if tao is in fact in a relationship, then I’m really happy for him! you go son. but considering the time and place of this scandal being leaked, it’s very unlikely.

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Zico and Kyung are the type of friends that, if one of them got run over by a bus, the other would laugh for ten minutes and take 7 selfies before calling an ambulance

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*When 2k14 started*


*Few weeks later*


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this is it. this is all you need to know abt shinee.
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